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This is a true story about a Scottish mother who received news of the death of her son, on a cold winter's evening on February 6th, 2000.

This mother shares with you her doubts about her own self-worth and how she prepares to make plans to re-unite with her role as mother - a role she had denied herself for seven years prior to Finlay's death. She learns how to forgive herself and how to accept her loss.

Many voices of different natures and walks of life appear in Rosie's, story, with each offering their own beliefs to try and console her in her misery. She is convinced she can cope with her loss on her own and "needs no help from anyone, thank you" - until a sweet, gentle, soft-spoken voice begins to travel with her throughout her ordeal, leaving her no other choice but to listen.

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Lane Douglas is a die-hard realist, so when her superstitious grandfather tells her he will die if the tree planted long ago in his honour in Scotland is chopped down, she doesn't buy it for a second. But when her grandfather's health starts declining, Lane hops on a plane and flies across the ocean to convince the landowner to spare the old, diseased oak.


To her surprise the landowner is a devilishly handsome man named Conlan MacGregor. Practical Lane came prepared for a fight to save a silly tree, but she soon finds herself fighting to save her heart from falling under the magical charms of the hunky laird of Wolfscrag castle.

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This audiobook uses simple words to describe lion, elephant, tiger and other zoo animals and at the same time uses cartoons to illustrate the lessons. If you are looking for a fun fact children's audiobook that your kid will enjoy and learn from at the same time, this is the audiobook for your kid. Add this book to cart and you can start your kid in his or her journey of discovering zoo animals.

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Each time someone dreams, their subconscious is sending messages to their conscious mind. When understood, these messages offer a remarkable insight into the dreamer's personality, their half-buried fears and hidden impulses. Unfortunately, since they come disguised in symbols not easily recognizable, dream messages are most often lost.

This audiobook, written by a professor of psychology after years of intensive case study, offers a lucid explanation of the meanings behind dream symbols. It is an audiobook every adult in search of self-understanding should listen to, for it shows how the layman can decode their own dreams.

And within our dreams lie the key to our hidden thoughts.

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Amazing things are about to happen...

The lives of James, Charlotte, young Susan, and their dog, Clovensport, are about to change forever. After investigating a mysterious sun dog that appears in their living room, they are inexplicably transported to the mystical land of Everafter. A host of mythological creatures makes their days long and their nights dangerous as they are enlisted to discover why the moon has stopped shining.


Little do they know that their purpose in Everafter is much grander than they realize.

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Abby Lewis never pictured herself on the survival game show, Endurance Island. She's just not the 'survival' type. But when her boss offers her a spot on the show and the opportunity of a lifetime, she packs her bags and heads to the tropics to be a contestant.

Once in the game, it's clear that Abby's in over her head. The game itself is full of competitive, aggressive people, and no one's more aggressive than sexy, delicious - and arrogant - Dean Woodall. Sure he's clever, strong, good at challenges, and has a body that makes her mouth water. He also hates Abby just as much as she hates him. 

But Endurance Island is working against them. Abby and Dean are teamed up - alone - on the beach. It's either work together, or go home. Stuck with no one else's company but their own, they learn they do make a good team after all.

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The musky scent of skin, a brush on the shoulder, a gust of bitter air -- all forewarn Elizabeth a spirit will soon seek her help to pass from this world to the next.


Yet a living man's wounded soul offers her the challenge of a lifetime.


Set in the 1940's, The Passenger tells the story of Elizabeth Reilly who travels to the Clemente Vineyard to help the spirit of an old man find peace and loses her heart to the son he left behind.

Even unconditional love cannot always banish an eternal nightmare.

The Foxworth family has blazed a trail through human and vampire history alike, changing the ways of both races in Canada for all time. The Council demands a full report for the long and twisted tale of how the Surrey Coven has come to be the most powerful and feared; an assemblage anyone would question before coming up against. The Leader of the Surrey Coven, Canya, recalls how her family came to be.


A story filled with pain and heartache, until she meets Gregory Foxworth: a debonair CEO to the family shipping company. Gregory remembers taking her away from a life that shocks him, hoping to shelter and love her. But little does he know all he has done, was make her a target for a sadistically warped man. One who will have her and his own personal brand of vengeance.


Sometimes, a grudge is forever.

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