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Hello, I'm Serdd!

And voice acting is my passion.

I have admired the art of voice acting ever since I first heard Jim Dale bring to life the characters & world of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. It was through wanting to imitate and emulate his accents and storytelling, that I, eventually, put together my first audiobook (audio fanfiction) podcast in 2005. 

Over the ensuing years, I have had five audio fanfiction podcasts, with my most recent - Serdd's Audio Fanfictions - receiving updates whenever I can find the time. 


The admiration I gained from my first audiobook, quickly grew to love, and now there's nothing I would rather be doing.

While the realm of audiobooks is where I got my start, both practically and professionally; it's voice acting as a whole that keeps me coming back.

I grew up, enthralled by BBC Radio 4 & BBC Radio 4 Extra audio dramas & shows. And it was an extremely talented Voice Actor (who shall remain nameless less I actually get the chance to work with them someday, and don't want to out myself as some crazy fangirl.), that inspired me to push the limits of my creativity, and actually try my hand at animation. 


Even at these early stages of my career, I have been blessed to work on a wide variety of projects.

And I'm loving every minute of it.

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